Saturday, April 25, 2015

Girl Scout Day - Solar Panel Cars

SWE UMass held our annual Girl Scout Day for elementary school girls! Girls came from near and far to come build solar and battery powered cars from recycled materials. We began the day with activities and discussions about renewable energies and how we can conserve energy in our everyday lives. The Girl Scout's had great ideas about how to conserve energy, including turning off the lights and buying products that use less packaging.

These girls are just starting the body of their car, and are cutting holes into an orange juice container so they can put the axle through the car.

 Lots of glue-gunning required for assembly!

DPO Director Paula to the rescue! This car was having lots of problems with attaching the motor to the body.

Success! This car was able to successfully use the sun's solar power to power the motor of the car and get it to drive through the engineering quad.

After a successful day, these girl scouts show off their finished car. The other girls listen intently to how building the car relates to engineering, discussing how failures are expected and help you to learn more about your design. Failures lead to success!!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Girl Scout Day - Adafruit Programmable Jewelry

Our SWE chapter held our annual Girl Scout Day for middle school aged girl scouts interested in engineering.  The girls worked on programmable, LED bracelets and necklaces made by the company Adafruit. The jewelry was made by soldering wires to led boards and then programming the memory chips by writing code that could change the patters and colors of the lights.

The Hampshire Gazette covered the events of the day, and the article can be read on the UMass College of Engineering website here.

A mechanical engineering junior Daniel helped lead the day, starting by giving the girl scouts an overview of engineering and a synopsis of what the day would include.

The girls and SWE members had to figure out how their jewelry was to be assembled and how much wire they would need.

A girl scout was cutting and stripping wire for the first time.

Tiffany, a mechanical engineering junior, helped one of the girls write the code for her piece of jewelry.

Kelly, an electrical engineering senior, helps the girls use the soldering gun to solder the wires to their jewelry. 

Emily, an industrial engineering junior, helps model some of the finished products! These two girl scouts made necklaces.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

First Meeting

We had a GREAT turnout to kick off SWE for 2015.  We had over 50 members, both old and new, in attendance.

As always, we had food at the event which is always a hit.  We held elections for next semester, and were thrilled with the eagerness of all the girls to be on the board. Many of our positions are now co-held, which goes to show how involved our members want to be.

Some E-board members getting creative and writing a life size SWE with the bodies!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pumpkin Painting

It is always fun to have a stress reliever in the midst of midterm exams--what better way than to paint pumpkins and eat cookies!

 The girls got creative with their paintings--Rachel is in the Halloween spirit!

Sarah and her minion pumpkin

We were able to call on our artistic sides that we don't typically do in engineering courses.

What a work of art!!

The finished products. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Texas Instruments Lunch

Michelle Gibbons, an Account Manager at TI, and Blaine Strickland, a Fields Applications Engineer at TI, spoke to a group of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineers about their different full time rotations as well as internship opportunities. 

Several students from both SWE and IEEE were asked to come back for interviews the following day.

First Welcome Meeting

First SWE meeting of the Year! This year's President Kelly Kennedy kicked off our meeting with everyone's favorite - pizza!

The girls (and boy) were able to reconnect over refreshments anxiously awaiting while our recent Alum and former SWE board members, Rachel and Ari, made the commute back out to Amherst.

First to arrive was Rachel Roberts (UMass 1'4) who now works at Raytheon and lives in Boston.  Rachel gave us a great overview of her transition from UMass life to industry and was able to give us some tips.  She was able to give us some great advice about managing finances as well as maintaining a good work-life balance.

Ari Barrenchea (UMass '14) arrived shortly after and shared her experiences she has had thus far working at Pratt and Whitney.  She expressed her enthusiasm when she would watch engines she helped to design and produce succeed in various tests.

Presidents and VP's - Past and Present! Rachel, Ari, Kelly, and Tiffany

Monday, April 7, 2014

SWE Region F Conference!

This year, SWE was able to send 17 girls to the Region F Conference! We were able to network, participate in workshops, and attend the career fair!

from the left: Friska Elizabeth and Deanna Oliviera

Here Tiffany Jao networks with a recruiter!

Our girls in the 'Product Development & Innovation' workshop!

The girls worked together in a team building exercise! Two were blind-folded while two others gave instructions.
The final product!

It was such a great and fun time at the Region F Conference! 
The next conference is the National SWE Conference held in Los Angeles, CA October 23-25th!