Our mentor program is a great way for new engineering students to get acclimated to Umass. We pair freshman and transfer students with an upperclassman so they can ask questions, get advice, be shown around campus, and most importantly have a new friend at school!

This year we held a "speed dating night" where our upperclassman mentors rotated through a circle of mentees so that everyone in the program could meet each other. At the end of the activity we asked every mentee to pick a mentor that they had something in common with so that we could make the best possible mentor/mentee pairs.

The next step is a year-long scavenger hunt with your mentor or mentee! Throughout the year we announce the next scavenger hunt location at every meeting so that mentor/mentee pairs can meet up, explore different places around campus and Amherst, and get to know each other better as the year progresses. We ask every pair to send us a picture of them at the designated meeting place before the next meeting. At the end of the year the mentor/mentee pair that has visited the most scavenger hunt locations will get a fun prize!

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