Thursday, February 5, 2015

Featured in the Daily Hampshire Gazette!

(credits to Gazette)

UMass Amherst's SWE was featured in the Gazette this past week for our annual Girl Scouts Day event! Here's a excerpt from the article: 
Marina DiCocco, a UMass junior in industrial engineering was once a Girl Scout herself. She said she was taken by some of the innovations the younger girls came up with. For example, one suggested sticking the lighted circles to the back of a cellphone, because young people wave their phones at concerts.
“That’s just a really cool idea,” DiCocco said, indicative of what happens when people get together to think.
DiCocco said she liked being a role model. “It feels really good to know that you are helping someone and that someday she might become an engineer.”
Read more about SWE's Girl Scout Day Event Here!

(credits to Gazette)

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